When new movies come out we often get the opportunity to display our art at local theaters to help draw in more people for the theater and to get our names out as artists.  I made several pieces to gain more of a following on my Instagram account.  The first one is an illustration that began on my iPad pro and was finished in Adobe Illustrator.
The following three pieces are just variations of the same piece.  I really wanted to do an illustration of the X-Force team from the Deadpool 2 movie in the same style as Teen Titans Go.  This began on my iPad Pro and was completed in Adobe Illustrator.
Deadpool is often portrayed as whimsical.  This piece shows my desire to create a fun illustration that follows whimsical nature portrayed in the comics and movies.  It was illustrated on my iPad Pro and completed in Adobe Illustrator.  I also wanted to see how it would translate into a shirt design so I moved the text and added it to a shirt.
The following pieces were created in Adobe Illustrator and are based on the Funko pop design for Deadpool.  I wanted to challenge myself by creating a piece with no line work, using only color value to show depth.  The Bob Ross illustration began on my iPad Pro and was completed in Adobe Illustrator. 

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